Germaine Greer public talk


Jean Monnet Theatre, University of Limerick, Thursday May 21, 2015

Professor Germaine Greer delivered a keynote talk at the 2015 Women and Ageing conference at the University of Limerick.  Professor Greer discussed the ways in which motherhood is being dismembered, so that the genetic mother, the womb mother and the legal mother may all be different individuals. She addressed issues such as surrogacy, egg donation and gestation outside the uterus in relation to women’s lack of control over the institutions that regulate these processes. Her talk ultimately explored the consequences of reproductive technology for women and raised questions and debate about their implications for women’s autonomy.


Germaine Greer was born in Melbourne and educated in Australia and at Cambridge University. Her first book, The Female Eunuch (1969), took the world by storm and remains one of the most influential texts of the feminist movement. Germaine Greer has had a distinguished academic career in Britain and the USA. She makes regular appearances in print and other media as a broadcaster, journalist, columnist and reviewer. Since 1988 she has been Director (and financier) of Stump Cross Books, a publishing house specialising in lesser-known works by early women writers.


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